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Trend Exhibition by Trend Research and Concept Creation in Lifestyle, Fontys Academy for Creative Industries

Future thinkers 2020

DDW Trend Research & Concept Creation in Lifestyle

During this years DDW we will present a digital Trend Exhibition. This exhibition will show at least 3 different consumer trends, which are relevant for the now and future. We hope to inspire you and to help you better understand how the world is developing.

The Trend book 2020 and the new trend exhibition are central to this project. During the last five years we showed you around the Klokgebouw with our daily free trend tours. During corona times we'll take you on a new ride: a digital Trend Exhibition. This exhibition will show you five possible futures.

Students from the studies Trend Research and Concept Creation in Lifestyle have been researching signals of change, they analyzed this information and came up with multiple consumer trends. They will take you on a virtual tour through their vision(s) of our futures. Don't forget to come by and meet us digitally on this Dutch Design Week!


Fontys Academy for Creative industries

The study program 'TCL' teaches you how to recognise trends and use them as the basis for designing and creating new lifestyle concepts. Your personal development is the main goal, while you develop both creative and commercial skills.

Being guided by teachers with practical experience, means that your education offers the right fit with your future professional practice. You also get to work on real assignments for (international) companies. You can also start your own company as a student.