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An honourable mention of name and deed.

Gallery of Honor

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Trophy's designed for the Gallery of Honor
Gaia van Egmond

Appreciating each other is important, especially in difficult times. But, making contact is not easy for everyone. Neither is giving nor receiving compliments. Tante Netty gave a push in the right direction.

Life in Woensel-West takes place on the streets and in local stores. It is never quiet. But it was quiet, because everyone has to stay inside. To stimulate the mutual contact in the neighborhood in a positive way, we brought the Virus Free project to life.

The residents received a specially designed poster. We asked them to write or draw and hang it in front of the window. Within a few weeks the neighborhood was full of cheerful quotes, drawings, and requests for help. The posters can be seen at

Then we urged the residents to see each other's value and to express this to the other. Residents could nominate each other for the Gallery of Honor: An honourable mention of name and deed.

The names of the nominees are engraved on the plates of the trophies in the greenhouse. These trophies are art objects designed by Roos de Bruijn. Her fascination for (discarded) prizes was the breeding ground for her graduation project and she knows how to express this phenomenon in ever changing ways.

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Tante Netty

Tante Netty is a social design foundation. We connect designers to social challenges in order to arrive at new insights, solutions and connections.

We do this for companies, neighborhoods, small and large groups of people. We make sure that everything is arranged super well and the quality is high, so that creator and client can grow with every project. In this way we tackle social challenges and contribute to a healthy and involved cultural climate. In the Netherlands and beyond.