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An embrace of the provisional

...,might delete later

Designed by Sorrel Madley

Might Delete later, is an attempt to rethink and reimagine the decision-making process and the working ethos of 19 designers. It gives them the opportunity to put forward the uncertain thoughts and ideas they think of during their making process.

‘Might Delete Later’, is a well-known caption used with various types of images on social media platforms. It depicts a moment in time when an individual felt confident enough to share something but already knew that maybe, they will regret it in the future. Instead of lingering in this doubtful moment, the act of posting/ sharing turns an uncertain situation into a confident one. Might Delete Later, can seem like an expression that only shows precariousness and vulnerability, but as soon as it is written it turns into solid ground. The philosophy behind this popular caption is taken as a starting point by the designers in the show.
15 works shown in the exhibition are then juxtaposed with a series of poems to link them together under the narrative of: Uncertainty.

See 3D room for full experience

Participating Designers:

Ahn Sung-Whan, Anais Borie, Anna Aagaard Jensen, Audrey Large, Benjamin Motoc, Billy Ernst, Hala Tawil, HIPS Performance (Josse Vessies & Clementine Schmidt), Dorian Renard, Gianmaria Della Ratta, Giorgio Gasco, Etienne Marc, Hansol Kim, Micheline Nahra, Kurina Sohn, Rawad Baaklini, Sho Ota, Sorrel Madley, Theophile Blandet, Tobias Bridger



This is a collective that exists for now, and might be deleted later.