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Your autonomous modular kitchen system


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Concord is a speculative design concept for the year 2040, imagining a future where personal intelligent assistants optimize supply chains and improve the food system.

Concord has been designed for a paradigm of consumption, where machines and AI assistants autonomously exchange goods. There are three main components to Concord which together proactively take care of everyday consumer needs: ConcordOS, ConcordID and ConcordAPP.

ConcordOS analyses and provides feedback on users’ consumption patterns in order to make purchases that better suit their needs and requirements. These requirements are identified and continuously updated through a combination of direct user input and behind the scenes behavioural analysis.

This data is represented and stored in the ConcordID which evolves over time and is put through sentiment analysis algorithms assigning weights on values to generate personalised shopping lists.

Concord is physically represented as a series of interconnected modular kitchen appliances (ConcordAPPs). These modules fulfil every necessary function in the kitchen such as storage, preparation, cultivation and disposal.

Once the modules are installed and fitted into a kitchen they form a “transaction membrane”. This membrane is the interface for exchanging goods autonomously between the modules and the delivery infrastructure.


W3}RD collective was formed in the city of Barcelona. Students, tutors and friends from the first cohort of the Master in Design for Emergent Futures came together to continue critical thinking about desirable futures through self-initiated passion projects. The team is multidisciplinary with expertise in UX/UI, architecture, product, interiors, graphic, marketing, and programming resulting in a research-driven approach to projects which can be developed into both physical and digital prototypes