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In the digital age,
design doesn’t just
result in objects,
It results in new

Looking for a Social Collection

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Jordi Coppers

‘Looking for a Social Collection’ wants to revitalize social interaction by encouraging connections between people. Throughout this project, the importance of social encounters in real life will be highlighted and it will be shown how design -in the digital age- can play a stimulating role in this.

Technological developments and the rise of social media are putting more and more pressure on face-to-face contact. The recent Covid-19 pandemic is also contributing to this. We have become scared of each other, in order to prevent a possible infection. This has a negative effect on our physical and mental health, furthermore our society in its entirety suffers from it.

After the pandemic is over, we will have to find each other again and bridge the gap that the crisis inflicted. Design could play a useful role in this process. With this project, I dream about a post-corona society wherein people can be spontaneous again, in which impulsive decisions and chance encounters are possible like they used to.

Back to a social society, wherein fearless contact can take place.In ‘Looking for a Social Collection’ encounters become the norm again. In this process, design is used as a tool to bring different people closer to each other. New encounters and friendships are given the time and place to originate. People get the chance to take time for a new encounter.

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Andries De Lange

My name is Andries de Lange, 22 years old and graduate designer. In 2020 I obtained a professional bachelor Interior Design with a specialization in Furniture & Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Ghent, Belgium. Because I have a rather wide technical background, I can put my ideas into practice. My work often contains a certain social or political opinion, with my design I want to put some topics that form our society as we know it in the spotlight and question them.