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(Archive) The Carwash Collection

This project was part of DDW 2020
Brush pouf — © Magdalena Wierzbicka

Born from the designer’s fascination for mechanical creatures the collection consists of three carwash objects that can be experienced outside the mechanical space. By featuring their machinic – yet animistic qualities – Carlijn Olde Beverborg encourages people to build a relationship with objects.

In the carwash, mechanical tracks regulate us along the lines of machines. Where carwashbrushes take center stage and rhythmically show the cadence of mechanics. They fumble for the body of the car and a mating dance seems to flourish; As visitors are not

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Brush Pouf and Mitter Table — © Magdalena Wierzbicka

Machinic Mitter Table — © Magdalena Wierzbicka

Detail Machinic Mitter Table — © Magdalena Wierzbicka

Mitter Table