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The Echoes Series

Viral Nature

Vases and bench before blooming.

Viral Nature proposes a composite material, 84% organic, able to host life.
Fertile and easy to shape, the mix is employable to cast complex structures made to grow into living botanical sculptures. The material, embedded with plant seeds, allows the process of vegetal growth.

The Echoes Series is one iteration of the Viral Nature vision: living furniture for outdoor life.
Seasonal objects, they behave and interact like living creatures. Because of their ability to produce life, people create an emotional connection with them. The project fosters behavioural change through the generation of sympathetic feelings. Life and afterlife of these products depend on the user’s consciousness and empathy.

Ruins are our human legacy. The way we make things supports a linear conception of time and life.
Nature’s artefacts though, never become ruins or waste. A tree trunk can outlive the tree, and a shell exists longer than its inhabitant, but differently from human artefacts, natural ones - after a stage of decadence - are able to become something else, useful again, for everything around. Nature’s creations are always new, and able to preserve its essence in a circular paradigm of life.

Can we create things, pass on a material legacy born to fade into a truly open future?
The Echoes Series’ pieces echo past civilizations: as ruins they perish and crumble, but differently from usual ruins they decay and, like every natural creation, peacefully return to the land.

Martina Taranto

My approach to design is holistic, and emerges from a background that combines disciplines and experiences, to generate futures built on synergies.
My work and training gravitate towards the necessity to find a compromise and a fluid dialogue between knowledge, humanity and the environment
I investigate and try to envision a world built on a sensible and ethical dimension.
My practice is devoted to the achievement of social and natural Justice.