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What if designers and children develop the future cities?


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Hugo Vrijdag

Cities will probably look completely different in the future. Lots of different ideas exist about how we will live, eat and transport. What if we involve children in this development process? How do they imagine their ‘What-If-City’?

Five designers developed inspiring workshops for children. Based on their own skills and social perspectives designers helped children to shape their own 'What-If-City'. During the workshops children came up with the most diverse designs and constructions. While building children and designers inspired each other and discussed what this 'What-If-City’ could look like. Within this working method there is room for both the open minds of the children and the design visions of the professionals.

During Dutch Design Week 2020, a presentation of the workshops and the process will be virtually exhibited. 'What-If-City' will also be built live during the autumn leave. In “De Ontdekfabriek” (factory of Discoveries) the public will collaborate, resulting in a full-blown new city at the end of the week.


De Ontdekfabriek en Dutch Design Foundation

In The Discovery Factory children are playfully inspired for science, technology and design. They discover how much fun it is to explore, design and create. Besides a leisure program for families The Discovery Factory offers educational programs for schools as well.

Dutch Design Foundation is optimistic and believes in problem-solving ability of designers to make the world a better place. The foundation organizes Dutch Design Week, World Design Embassies, Dutch Design Awards and Design Works.