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Relativistic Objects

3D viewing room
From left to right: fire, air, water, earth.

Our minds understand time in relation to physical experiences. To design R.O. the concept of time in classical philosophy and general relativity was investigated. This intersection reveals how material and conceptual dimensions are in truth complementary in the definition of human reality.

‘Relativistic Objects’ challenges contemporary behaviours and life habits related to the way we conceive and perceive the passing of time. These objects speak to anyone interested in redefining the way we approach and experience our lives, and emphasize the importance of physical interaction. This project translates into a practical exercise, an activity our brain is gradually repressing because excessively relying on digital devices. Missing a sensorial experience of time has affected our ability to fix memories and consequently had an impact on the definition of our self-consciousness. Artificial light allowed us to stretch our perception of time from a sum of finite instants into an unrealistic continuum. We became immortal, projected towards great life achievements, blind to the fugacity of our existence. We abandoned our circadian rhythm for a digital pace of life. Relativistic Objects are time visualizers. They don’t exist to measure time but for us to re-learn how to be aware of its passing by experiencing it through a visual representation of physical phenomena. Each piece is symbolically linked in its working mechanism with one of the four natural elements.

Martina Taranto

My approach to design is holistic, and emerges from a background that combines disciplines and experiences, to generate futures built on synergies.
My work and training gravitate towards the necessity to find a compromise and a fluid dialogue between knowledge, humanity and the environment
I investigate and try to envision a world built on a sensible and ethical dimension.
My practice is devoted to the achievement of social and natural Justice.