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Learning Circularity from Olive


3D viewing room
Wickerwork with Pomastic

Project Pomace is a cultural study and a design experiment focused on olive cultivation. It narrates a unique understanding of circular design inspired by the qualities of olive cultivation in Karaburun. And it features a series of bio-based material design experiments by using olive pomace.

What can we learn about circular design thinking from existing everyday practices? Some vernacular means of production can provide us with inspiring examples. Project Pomace explores the local olive cultivation culture in Karaburun, Turkey to understand the inherent qualities which make it a valid circular model and to derive lessons from it. It suggests that understanding the character of this very own culture will help us to develop an understanding on circular design thoroughly. The project documents and presents this suggestion through different forms of media such as a documentary film, book and online resources.

The project enhances these lessons through hands-on design experiments with olive pomace. Pomace is the residue of olive oil extraction and is currently used as fuel. Yet, it is a worthy biomass which is potentially useful to create value added products. The project team designed a series of bio-based materials named Pomastic, by using olive pomace which can be used for molding or 3D printing.

Project Pomace is a collaboration between the Netherlands and Turkey involving designers and makers from both countries. It is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.


Random Works

The project team is an interdisciplinary collective with members who work freelance or as academics in the Netherlands and Turkey. The backgrounds of the team members are architecture, product design, urban planning, visual design and media arts. The team also includes a local NGO called Olive Academy Karaburun, with members from the fields of economics, social sciences and engineering. Also, Karaburun Municipality is the local supporter of the project.