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(Archive) Perlucio Mirror

The interplay of light and water

This project was part of DDW 2020
Perlucio, SHY

It’s thought mans first conscious use of the mirror image utilised shallow vessels of water, Perlucio evokes this lost quality. Employing centuries old methods of working traditional materials to provide a visual experience, challenging our perception of our environment.

From a distance reflections appear distorted and mysteriously out of focus, refracted light creates the shimmer you find looking at rippled water. Persons moving through the frame do so with a serene fluidity and reality takes on an ethereal peculiarity.

Water gilded silver — © Perlucio, SHY

Distance evokes the soft ripple of water — © Perlucio, SHY

Perlucio, SHY

Perlucio, SHY