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Ripples collection X Carpet Creations

3D viewing room
Whirl (detail)

In collaboration with the label Carpet Creations, digital designer Joca van der Horst explored a new medium for a design that was born digital. Ripples is a collection of rugs featuring different versions of an ever changing digital pattern inspired by ocean waves and trigonometry.

The designs feature the results of a parametric pattern. Sketched out in code, rather than on paper, the pattern can change shape within boundaries set by the designer.
A selection of these shapes were used for the Ripples collection, that consists of the pieces 'Pure', 'Whirl' and 'Onda'.
All pieces were designed in Eindhoven and Heino, then proudly made by hand in India following the standards of the Goodweave label.
Using the expertise of Carpet Creations, the pieces feature special weaving techniques and bespoke wool fibers. These give the patterns an illusion of movement and depth.


Joca van der Horst

Joca van der Horst is a Dutch / Brazilian designer interested in how interactive products and systems can connect disciplines and empower people.
His work ranges from air purifying paintings to apps, but this year he just felt like designing a rug.