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(Archive) Rose-Tinted Tentacles

40 Ways of Eating 40 Fish

This project was part of DDW 2020
Red Gurnard plate stacked, porcelain — © Photography Esmé Moore

Rose-Tinted Tentacles presents 40 ways of eating 40 fish through a set of uniquely-designed utensils. Taking shape with the support of spatial practitioners Cooking Sections at the RCA, the toolset references interspecies narratives through seafood & addresses the ecological rights crises they face.

Restaurants dictate fish as portion-sized–1 fish for 1 person, easing preparation as dining becomes less communal & economy caters to unsustainable culinary cultures. In the UK alone, 40 species are fished daily but only 5 are regularly eaten. Demand

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Red Gurnard plate, porcelain — © Film still Esmé Moore

Bass holder, forged brass — © Photography Esmé Moore

Mackerel plate, jesmonite and cast bronze — © Photography Esmé Moore

Mackerel plate, jesmonite