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AI-empowered audio-visual art that induces positive mood and provides healing experiences.

Immersive Healing Art System(IHAS)

3D viewing room
IHAS in exhibition (TANK SHANGHAI Art Centre)
Zheyuan Zhang

The Immersive Healing Art System (IHAS), is an innovative, smart art system that creates and curates audio-visual art to build an emotionally healing experience. It offers endless art streams and engaging interactions that induce positive moods and emotions such as calming, soothing and uplifting.

Mental health issues have been aggravating in recent years. And in the post-pandemic era, emerging economic and societal problems are posing more threats to the mental wellness of the general public.

Besides interventions like therapies and meditation, there's now a widespread consensus that art is beneficial to mental wellness. That's why we developed the Immersive Healing Art System(IHAS).

The software-based system provides interactive experiences in which audiences’ emotions would be captured, interpreted and influenced. In IHAS, every emotion read by sensors creates a unique audio-visual art piece, to help the audiences go through the current mood and embrace positive emotions like calming, relaxing and uplifting. The system can be plugged directly onto all types of displays, which means we are able to deliver to spaces like hospitals, offices, public stations and even homes.

The IHAS is developed by Genesis Arts, a London based art and technology studio. The positive mental impact of immersive audio-visual experience has been proven in lab tests and we are collaborating with CW+ and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London to run trials and tests in the hospital.


Genesis Arts

Genesis Arts is a London based studio that creates works at the intersection of art, technology and psychology. Our main research focus lies in generative art, affective computing and cognitive science. By digging deeply into research, we aim to create revolutionary artworks that are smart, responsive and engaging

The IHAS is our latest project, in which we developed modular installations that provide unlimited artwork and intriguing interactions that connect with audiences emotionally.