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The only way we can keep exploring is to never stop creating new space.

No Stop City 2.0

3D viewing room
Simulated 3D virtual space of the No Stop City.

In this interactive digital art project, you hop on a virtual 2D and 3D tour to a city called ‘No Stop City’. The project is an homage to Archizoom Associati (1966-1974), the Italian architectural and design studio.

I immersed myself into Archizoom’s ‘No Stop City’. Arichizoom altered artificial, consumeristic indoor spaces into the circumstances of 'survival' by creating camps and mountains. Such newly designed spaces are filled with natural features and basic survival needs, where human lives as a camper, allowing me to imagine my life as a camper in the event of an apocalypse. Which has an eerily similar feeling with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Andrea Branzi, a member of the Archizoom, “No Stop City is a critical utopia founded on a realistic vision of the world, where design is intended to be the fundamental conceptual tool for modifying lifestyles and territory.”

Their work inspired me to create a virtual environment. I wanted to provide different ways of ‘exploring’ the space while ultimately being executed on a flat computer screen. My project inherited the same ideas as Archizoom conveyed, but with a ‘virtual' twist.

Song credits:
Timecop1983 – Waiting
We Are All Astronauts - Ether

Ji-youn Jung

Ji-youn Jung is an interaction designer from South Korea, now based in the Netherlands. She is currently studying MSc Design for Interaction at TU Delft.

Ji-youn is a strong believer in the interactive nature of gaming. That is why she is fascinated with interactive media technology. She fully believes that its interactive nature opens up not only vast communication possibilities but also opportunities to create a design space.