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Hanna Burgers

A performative exhibition exploring the ideas, material output, and processes of knotting as emotional and physical connection. Inspired by the physical and emotional complexities of knotted connections, designers Maria Beaumaster and Pien Post will perform and document intentional work at DDW 2020.

Easily overlooked, knots pervade our daily lives. Shaped properly, a knot can hold valued objects in place or release them quickly. A knot can merge materials, bind separate entities, convey information, or limit movement.

To embrace these qualities, TIE THE KNOT is the digital documentation of the intimacy surrounding the single gesture of knotting. For the duration of DDW the designers will undergo an intensive process of creation in which they literally tie the knot, transforming single threads into knots, transforming knots into objects, transforming time and repetition into a physical output.

The knotted output created during this exhibition are intentional actions of connection and will be mailed to selected individuals with whom the designers desire to become (re)intimate. Both the action of knotting and the action of giving will be documented and digitally shared for the general public.

How can the exhibition act as a gesture that binds both desire for material and personal intimacy? TIE THE KNOT is a pragmatic response to the current circumstances, and perhaps a nostalgic ideation of created connection and intimacy.

Studio Maria Beaumaster and Studio Pien Post

Maria Beaumaster and Pien Post are two young designers based in Maakhaven, a collaborative atelier complex in Den Haag, The Netherlands. As recent graduates of KABK The Royal Academy of Art, they developed a new concept for DDW 2020 as a means to become (re) intimate with others. They work both separately and together.