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(Archive) TogetherTwentyTwenty

This project was part of DDW 2020
De Bijenkorf's window in early February. — © Ph. Ewout Huijberts

Room on the Roof and De Bijenkorf invited me to create an installation in occasion of the store’s campaign ‘The Future is Green’.

TogetherTwentyTwenty is an installation that tries to picture the change - from our current reality, petrified in its inert processes – into a dynamic world made of living cycles. It creates a bridge between human and natural realities. The sculptures are

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De Bijenkorf's window at the end of February. — © Ph. Ewout Huijberts

Three sculptures blooming. — © Ph. Ewout Huijberts

While growing the sculptures change their shape. — © Ph. Ewout Huijberts

TogetherTwentytwenty blooming.