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3D viewing room
De Bijenkorf's window in early February.
Ph. Ewout Huijberts

Room on the Roof and De Bijenkorf invited me to create an installation in occasion of the store’s campaign ‘The Future is Green’.

TogetherTwentyTwenty is an installation that tries to picture the change - from our current reality, petrified in its inert processes – into a dynamic world made of living cycles. It creates a bridge between human and natural realities. The sculptures are made using a biomaterial invented by the designer Martina Taranto, called ‘Viral Nature’. The mix is 84% organic and able to host life. Fertile and easy to shape, it can be employed to cast complex structures made to grow into living botanical sculptures. The pieces exhibited were made using De Bijenkorf’s waste material: paper boxes left over from packages became moulds to cast sculptures. The installation brings the focus on our present and to the need to remember how to harmoniously coexist with the ecosystem we were born into. The growing installation puts forth an encouraging vision of an equal world, open to a balanced coexistence with nature. One can relate to it easily for it is a living thing. Our existence must be much more a dialogue than a user experience. We need to remember how to relate to nature and exist alongside it. This project is a way to draw attention to this issue and encourage and refine that integration.

Martina Taranto

My approach to design is holistic, and aims to combine disciplines and experiences to generate futures built on synergies.
My work gravitate towards the necessity to find a fluid dialogue between knowledge, humanity and the environment
I investigate and try to envision a world built on a sensible and ethical dimension.
My practice is devoted to the achievement of social and natural Justice.