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'Diamond Makers' is a hybrid between a lab and a tailor-made retail experience, creating custom diamonds composed of unexpected items.

Diamond Makers Lab

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Hannah Brandes

This project explores radical new future scenarios for fashion where, meaning, luxury and narratives take new form. Diamond Makers explores this area by exploiting the possibilities of already existing science, to fabricate lab-grown diamonds using a wide selection of surprising sources.

Lab-grown diamonds grow under high temperature and pressure. They are formed from carbon which can be isolated from most types of organic ash. But maybe the diamond is, in fact, inconsequential or at least less significant than the meaning emerging from the source? What would be the value of the diamond made from the signature of the 'Diamonds Queen', Rihanna versus a diamond made from Notre Dame ash or your childhood teddy? What would those diamonds represent?' I have spent more than a year asking around what people value the most, which objects are dear to them and why. I talked with close friends, randoms, enemies and mostly temporary crushes (as it was a perfect excuse to get in touch). This way, I managed to identify 100 things that my interviewees care about and would consider turning into a diamond. This focus on origin allows the customer of Diamond Makers to choose the meaning and emotional significance they want their diamond to have. The source is fully customisable and the selection process is designed to trigger personal reflection on values followed by desires.

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Aniela Fidler Wieruszewska

Hello! I engage with speculative, critical design and design fiction. Still, as much as I see myself as a ‘futurist’, I’m also a ‘presentis’ putting a conscious effort to stay with the trouble and appreciate the world as it appears to me now. I investigate the tension between value and emotion and how environments, people, feelings, materials and products come together through storytelling, in search of polyvocal ideas and uniting narratives. Feel welcome to get in touch at