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3D viewing room
Travelling to find new functions and meaning
Atelier Ief Spincemaille

The four new designs of Rope 6M. are produced in a limited edition, handwoven on the basis of traditional weaving crafts. By enlarging one of the oldest inventions in existence (a rope), AIS has created a simple but versatile design object. With Rope 6M., seating and sitting have been reinvented.

Rope 6M is a separate, stand-alone version of the travelling Rope of 60 meter, a social work of art that creates interactions and experiences between people, wherever it finds itself. With the purchase of a Rope 6M., you also support the travelling Rope and bring a piece of its history, story and personality into your living room or office space. With Rope 6M. we introduce new materials, colours and patterns for the Rope concept. It can be used to make meetings and brainstorm sessions more active and inspiring. Rope can be placed as an eye-catching seating element at a reception or trade fair presentation. Rope offers an innovative and exciting alternative to existing city furniture and playground equipment. But Rope 6M. is also a striking interior element for the home, as an atypical seating, play and lying object. Rope is flexible and can be used both indoors and outdoors. For the production a special braiding installation was developed. With this Rope can also be woven on site, ideally with the engagement of the local community and/or the customer.

Sander Dragt

Atelier Ief Spincemaille is run by the Belgian visual artist Ief Spincemaille. His artistic journey spans visual art, design, media art, photography and performance. He works in bicycle factories, prisons, housing estates, etc. Exploring the boundaries of his field of work, he plays with its existing frameworks and shapes. Not just for the joy of playing a formal game, but out of a need for new forms that better respond to his imagination and the challenges of our modern world.