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(Archive) Creating 3D Fair Isle Designs

The geometric shapes in old Fair Isle motifs take on a completely different form in three coloured work, and can create a fluid harmony of shapes.

This project was part of DDW 2020
Wall hanging — © Liam Henderson Photography

Experimenting with the 3-colour design of this project revealed the extraordinary potential of using a 3-colour knitting technique for traditional 2-colour Fair Isle motifs. It is the discovery of a new way of designing Fair Isle textiles.

This project shows how exciting geometric design possibilities are unleashed in 3-colours, similar to the extrapolation of a 2D design to 3D. The traditional motifs are still visible but are coloured differently. An understanding of the old motifs and how

Wall hanging with tablecloth — © Liam Henderson Photography

Tablecloth — © Liam Henderson Photography

Close up of centre design of project — © Liam Henderson Photography

Closeup showing different structures of colour