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Creating 3D Fair Isle Designs

The geometric shapes in old Fair Isle motifs take on a completely different form in three coloured work, and can create a fluid harmony of shapes.

Wall hanging — © Liam Henderson Photography

Experimenting with the 3-colour design of this project revealed the extraordinary potential of using a 3-colour knitting technique for traditional 2-colour Fair Isle motifs. It is the discovery of a new way of designing Fair Isle textiles.

This project shows how exciting geometric design possibilities are unleashed in 3-colours, similar to the extrapolation of a 2D design to 3D. The traditional motifs are still visible but are coloured differently. An understanding of the old motifs and how

About Mary Macgregor

BAKKA was launched at the end of 2016 and preserves Shetland's rich textile heritage by using the oldest Fair Isle patterns and colours in a totally sustainable and contemporary manner.

My work in reversible textiles moved Fair Isle design into the 21C. I produce knitwear, and interiors textiles.

I operate a zero-waste policy. All scrap is upcycled.

Future work following on from this project will see BAKKA establish itself as one of the leaders in contemporary textiles in the UK.

Wall hanging with tablecloth


Close up of centre design of project

Closeup showing different structures of colour