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-From physical to digital, material to immaterial.-

Decomposition of Materiality

3D viewing room
Serpentine Lace
Scarlett Yang

The project speculates a simulated ecosystem, where garments grow, decompose and shape-change in a controlled environment. Gradually, the garments organically evolve on their shapes, materiality and entity, finally manifest into virtual infinity.

Utilising algae extract and silk cocoon protein “sericin” collected from the wastewater in textile mill, the project experimented in engineering garment shapes through manipulating with the cocoon protein’s bio characters reacting to changing humidity and temperatures.
Combining 3D rendering within the design process, it is the opposite of using “materials” however the medium is transformed from decomposed the biodegradable textiles. 3D models of “toiles” are created in various virtual environments for textile movement simulations. From documenting how the virtual textile flows and behave upon the digital bodies, a handful of curated designs selected from hundreds of generated silhouettes for further development.
The showcase consists of a virtual fashion showroom and a bio material archive. As an audience, you witness the overwhelming decomposition process “performing” around you, and to examine the bio materials on a micro scale, speculating the amplified inner structure of the design objects.

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Scarlett Yang

Scarlett Yang is a London based multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on material tactility and virtual mediums. Having worked in couture ateliers, bio labs and digital fabrication labs, she develops innovative approaches on the intersection of fashion, design and technology. Graduated from Central Saint Martins in London UK, her practice speculates the life cycles of fashion textiles for a biodegradable and digital solution to the current environmental emergencies.