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Welcome to your time tunnel! Experience a glimpse of what your life could be like, what your friends will be doing, and how the society functions.

your future

3D viewing room
Time tunnel

It is tricky to find positive futures for yourself, because we don’t know the search words for our own futures. Yet, there are numerous people working on a broad range of alternative future visions. What are they, and what will you look like in those positive futures? What will you do there?

There is an array of futures waiting for us, but we need to imagine them to make them come true. What is the piece that you will contribute to our common future. How does it fit into the big picture? Finding the others and their paths is as critical as finding yourself.

We present a time tunnel that takes you through possible pathways of future societies, even if the future mindset may seem intriguing or foreign at first glance. Join to explore the alternative sociotechnological and cultural futures to join the dialog on possible positive futures. In 80 years time, are you a self-sustainable farmer with a lifetime of experiences in biohacking. Will you be hanging out in a hammock enjoying a beer while your AI friend does all the work? Will you party all night by taking out your submarine car to gossip and dance with whales?

Our exhibition will consist of a time tunnel through 80 years in time.

Imaginaries World Exhibition

We are weaving up a vision. Our collective is on a mission to establish cross boundary bridges in the polarised world. We see ourselves as healers and storytellers, technologists and environmentalists - makers of a compass.

A sequence of small linear steps seem unattainable without some points on the horizon. The points can be different for individual life paths. Our multi-channel exhibition reaches out to the wider audience to invite everybody into creating our future paths.