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(Archive) (Non)Depleted

This project was part of DDW 2020
Mathias Malm

Present-day circumstances have driven us to rethink the distance we put between ourselves and the world around us. (Non)Depleted is an exhibition exploring current realities—addressing materiality, aesthetics, and self-reflection within political, social and environmentally engaged projects.

(Non)Depleted is a group exhibition gathering several local and international designers/artists. Through the presented projects, we are exploring the meanings of depletion—from resource extraction to critical thinking about social, political and ecologica

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RATIONE SOLI: Davide Piscitelli — © Davide Piscitelli

THE BENZ: Louise Bègue-Teissier and Romain Albers — © Louise Bègue-Teissier and Romain Albers

Inside Out - Chandelier: Studio KBB — © Vincent Snijders