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This years overview of professional design at its dutch best!

Good Industrial Design Awards 2020

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GIO Exhibition @DDW 2019

The annual award of the Good Industrial Design Awards is organized by Designlink. Designlink is a platform for high-quality initiatives that aim to professionalize the "design chain". This can be about commissioning, but also about entrepreneurship.

A Good Industrial Design Award is not a prize but a mark of quality in recognition of good craftsmanship. Products which receive an award meet professional design standards: the product does what it is intended to do (technical functionality); is easy to use and safe (ergonomics); it is different from other products (originality); it looks good (design) and meet environmental demands (respect). A product which satisfies these requirements is eligible for the award.


The Designlink Foundation stands for a professional design chain. Membership of Designlink is free in most cases. Network members are actively informed about projects, benefit from knowledge, are part of a unique network of design professionals and enjoy discounts on activities