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Brother and sister De Bie joining forces

Siblings be like ...

3D viewing room

Under their new label STUDIO AENEAE, the duo developed a set of four multifunctional interior elements. The autonomous works symbolize the family in which sister and brother De Bie grew up in and depict not only themselves but also their two brothers.

The result is a motley collection of decorative figures that can be transformed into all kind of interior objects. A lamp becomes a side table, a side table turns into a coffee table, a coffee table transforms into a...

The figures that brother & sister De Bie depict, are partly made of residual material. Old fence posts form the basis of this design that was developed during the start of the corona pandemic. Both the subject of the objects and the use of materials can be traced back to the quarantine period in which freedoms were restricted and everyone was forced back to their own base.

In addition to unexpected objects, their brand new collaboration resulted in a completely new dynamic, new personal insights and a new way of communicating. Sometimes without words, like brother and sister...


Independent design studio specialized in unique and contemporary interior pieces and furniture.

Siblings and artists by origin, Erna de Bie and Victor de Bie developed their artistic practise independently of each other, intuitively towards design. Both looking for ways to respond to their inner world they are in search for harmony. Much to their mutual surprise, their output tends to have striking similarities, resulting in a brand new collaboration under the name STUDIO AENEAE