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The Care Water Closet (CWC)

Proposing new senses of care normalities...Inviting the 'normal human' to practice accountability of one's own sh*t literally and metaphorically...

The Care Water Closet

The Care Water Closet proposes a future scenario of the everyday toilet, mobilised with care tools for the ‘normal human’. Look! Care here is for the self, the others and the water. So, what does individual and collective care mean when everything is about speed, in times of digital domination?


The CWC is more than a closet that recycles water and provides new senses of care normality: It also deals with what has been mentally and physically flushed away by humans. The water here is dealt with as a physical entity to care for, and as an

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About The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague - Class 2020

Mary Farwy is a spatial designer and artist, coming from an architectural background. Farwy's work is mainly focused on the psychology of the human and the space, relying on theatrical concepts. Her work takes place at the interface between design, psychology, architecture, fashion and film.

Her recent work is a play of hidden meanings. It investigates the use of innovation in the favour of the human's psych. She recently graduated from The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (class 2020).

The care agents; Ferti and Bubbly

The care agent: Pupazzo