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Connecting the understanding of plants

Talking Plant Sense.

3D viewing room
Poster, Talking plant sense

Humans have become "blind" to plants, which may be in turn caused by a lack of knowledge of plants themselves and a reason for disconnection to nature. Identifying communication as an issue, Talking Plant Sense promotes the appreciation of plants & their abilities through the creation of new words.

Plants do not have a nose, eyes or tongues to taste, see and smell as we do, but they are aware of the direction, amount, duration, and colour of light, they use odors as a communication tool and can feel and respond to different types of stimulation to modulate their development to best suit their ambient environment (Chamovitz, 2017). However, we also lack individual words that describe these abilities to the wider public. There is an ongoing disagreement over whether certain things should or should not be said when introducing this complexity of plants to the wider society, but less discussion about the plants itself and how we treat them as living creatures.

Talking plant sense is an awareness campaign that promotes the appreciation of plants, their abilities through the creation of new words (inlux, phytact, chemse & pervibe). A better understanding of the senses of plants could facilitate people in new educational evidence, seeing plants from a new perspective, increase plant literacy and ethical awareness and help find solutions for our socio-environmental crisis.

Chamovitz, D. 2017. What a plant knows. Updated and expanded edition. New York: Scientific American


Mariya Molotnikova

As a conceptual designer, I am focusing on research in behaviour change, human & phyto-centred design, problem-solving and design thinking towards social change.

I believe in the importance of research and collaboration to challenge current behaviour, understanding of problems and to develop positive and creative strategies that inspire, excite and engage.

Together we can design a better world.