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Bank of Care

In unpaid labour we trust

User account: accumulation of records

Bank of Care is an alternative banking system that’s based on the unpaid care labour in the domestic sphere. It accumulates records of the ongoing, most basic human economy that maintains our wellbeing. And simultaneously finds ways to support its members, financially.

Bank of Care (BoC) works within the paradigm that the women-run non-market production in households is the basic human economy from which other economies derive. Despite being absolutely vital to the functioning of society, this economy is swept under the

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Timetable livestreams & chats


Sat 24 Oct 15:00 - 17:00
Mushroom Radio interviews KABK students who are participating in this edition of DDW

About Class of 2020

Graduate of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).

Teresa is a prolific creative whose approach to design is inquisitive and free-flowing yet practical: her explorative mind often leads her to reimagine existing systems and processes. As an avid reader her work is informed by in-depth, cross-disciplinary research; as a passionate maker, she enjoys experimenting with materials and production techniques.

Keeper Assistant & daily receipts

User account: accumulation of records

Account overview: user statistics

Keeper Assistant & bank counter (exhibition)