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A unique culmination of polyrhythmic marine bioacoustics and human generated noisescape in the Sea

Interference 53°N,42°E

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Interactive A/V Installation

Interference 53°N,42°E is a research project dealing with human generated underwater noise pollution in the North Sea. With three different iterations (v1.0, v2.0 and v3.0), it focuses on different multimedia and multisensory ways to represent and experience the chaotic underwater sonic environment.

v1.0 uses the metaphor of ship traffic to gain an understanding of the formation of the sonic environment. The work focuses on shipping noise in particular which directly overlaps the frequency band of acoustic communication signals used by many marine animals. A custom made software tracks the audience and recomposes the visuals and sound, based on their position.

v2.0 is a cooperation project with Nikzad Arabshahi which uses the movement data of visitors to create a 3D sound field based on spherical harmonic expansions. By intertwining space, sound and image, the installation makes an appeal to create an embodied feeling of the noise pollution. This iteration is a co-production of V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media.

v3.0 is a generative data installation and an interactive visualization tool that narrates the moment of noise generation. The tool uses a near real time API server which updates every 60 seconds with fresh dynamic and static data of ships such as coordinates, course, speed etc. Each cycle is analyzed and then organized into clusters of vessels and displayed on the generated map based on geolocations and colored according to their noise impact.

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Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague | Class of 2020

Sandipan Nath is a media artist and industrial designer with an active interest in interdisciplinary work that links philosophical analysis with other relevant disciplines and societal challenges. He is passionate about the idea of ​​"immersion" in media and fascinated by the imagery and movements that can be derived from data.

His research focuses on explorations of alternative ecologies and decentralization of the human subject at the center of all universal understanding.