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(Archive) Mooi Stuk!

An ode to repairing

This project was part of DDW 2020
Chair repaired by Saskia Bakker — © Menno van Winden

A leaking coffeemaker or a broken screen; it’s these kind of defects that we have to deal with regularly. Annoyance or challenge? A farewell or a possibility? In this exhibition in honor of the 10-year anniversary of Repair Café the repair stories of five objects are highlighted

October 18, 2019 it was 10 years ago that the very first Repair Café was organized. In a Repair café, visitors can repair their own broken items with the help of handy volunteers from the neighborhood. Now his bottom-up organization has close to 2000 Repa

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Suitcase repaired by Theo van den Akker — © Menno van Winden

Trousers repaired by Gery Woltinge — © Menno van Winden

Iphone repaired by Eline Bijkerk — © Menno van Winden

Senseo repaired by John Kevers