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Driving Dutch Design: Re-Value — Expo

(Archive) We & Wijn X Studio Rose Groot

From global to local supply chains

This project was part of DDW 2020
Narrow Wardrobe Transdiep by Rose Groot — © Tim Meijer

Modern day products are an incredible source of exchange in techniques, materials and crafts. This years corona virus has shown how dependant we got on a globalised supply chain. As part of the Driving Dutch Design program Re-Value we show our vision on transparent production.

When a piece of furniture is produced and sold in the Netherlands, is it local? That depends. When steel comes from China, wood from Ukraine and only the craftsmanship is done in the Netherlands, we believe it is not. That is why we don't focus on local p

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Designer Rose Groot - Narrow Wardrobe Transdiep — © Tim Meijer

Foldable sliding door Transdiep — © Tim Meijer

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Driving Dutch Design: Re-Value — Expo

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