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dyed by bacteria

Design to Fade; Living Colour x PUMA

3D viewing room
Design to Fade; Living Colour x PUMA
Ingo Foertsch

Living Colour dyes textiles with pigment-producing bacteria. The biodesign project investigates an alternative to hazardous textile dyes and a new natural aesthetic. For Design to Fade, Living Colour partnered with PUMA to design and create the world's first sportswear dyed with bacteria.

The capsule collection - designed for PUMA's annual biodesign exhibition during Milan Design Week - consists of six pieces of clothing, four pairs of shoes and socks. Although the project has not yet reached a commercial stage, it is an important step in PUMA's sustainable future. This proof of concept shows the possibilities of biodesign. It is not a utopian concept, it is here and it is real.

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Living Colour Collective

Living Colour is a joint effort of designers Laura Luchtman and Ilfa Siebenhaar. Laura Luchtman is the designer and owner of Kukka, a textile and surface design studio with a focus on experimental colour and material research for a sustainable future. Studio Ilfa Siebenhaar is specialised in fashion design and research in biodesign. By collaborating with other designers and scientists, the studio aims to find better, more sustainable solutions and new aesthetics for the current fashion industry.