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The New Intimacy - Bodies, Objects and Spaces
ArtEZ Bachelor Product Design

The Anti Chair Movement | Ant Eye

3D viewing room
The Anti Chair Movement - by Ant Eye
Ant Eye
This project is part of The New Intimacy - Bodies, Objects and Spaces

ArtEZ Product Design explores the dynamic and ever-changing nature of design, therefore reacting or responding to the present. In this ever changing world, the BA Product Design contributes towards new approaches and opens up new domains

Living in times of acceleration and control, the principles of relationships are tested in most fundamental ways. The Anti Chair Movement is proposing to establish the rules of connection and intimacy in new ways. By liberating the object of its proposed function, The Anti Chair Movement strives to challenge how we engage with the objects and spaces around us.
The Anti Chair Movement is a protest against the traditional method of designing chairs and the way we look at them. Chairs are designated sitting objects, but they can be used in many ways, people have to find the space and the creativity to engage. The project is particularly inspired by the Canadian ice dancer and choreographer Shae-Lynn Bourne. The chair became her partner, listening to movement and reaction. By using the chair in a different way, the function becomes fluid and the relationship with the object changes.

The research resulted in a collection of 6 different danceable chairs that come to life through film. The Anti Chair Movement firmly believes that chairs reflect the way we treat them. If we look with different eyes, we can build longer lasting and deeper relationships with our chairs.