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The New Intimacy - Bodies, Objects and Spaces
ArtEZ Professorship Art education as Critical Tactics
Cibap Vocational College for the Creative Arts
SintLucas Vocational School for Creative Talent

No School: A Movement of Creative Education

3D viewing room
No School Manifesto_Book Cover
Design: Marius Schwarz
This project is part of The New Intimacy - Bodies, Objects and Spaces

The Art education as Critical Tactics (AeCT) Professorship is a national and international research network, initiated at ArtEZ University of the Arts with the aim of realizing a ‘creative turn’ in education. AeCT designs new forms of learning based on a coherent creative theory.

No School believes in intimate forms of education based on the creative and biographical turn in opposition to the neoliberal and bureaucratic turn (higher) education has taken. The covid-19 pandemic has made this intimate connection between the learners even more fragile. We, as community of learners, made of students, teachers and researchers, have all lost our intimate space for knowledge and creativity sharing. With the No School Manifesto, we will make a statement (in the form of a visual representation) regarding what No School stands for and what thinking in possible worlds in creative education can do. The Movement project brings the concept of New Intimacy in a more concrete form. No School’s Learners and Leading Learners have also lost their intimate space of learning and creating due to the pandemic regulations. At the DDW they will meet again for the first time after months, re-creating the momentum they had lost in a process of co-creation together with artist Tijs Rooiakers, by putting their creative works together and by exploring new intimate relations between different kinds of material and the space in which the installation will be realized.