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RIBBEL porcelain pots and vases
Jet van Gaal

In collaboration with Saudade Collective I designed a new collection of porcelain pots and vases. The RIBBEL collection is characterised by its elegant repetition in round shapes. The small ripples echo throughout the different models. Soft but playful with a subtle hand glazed touch.

The tactility of a product is very important to me. Touching an object should really add to the experience of it. In this new collection I challenged myself to increase that tactility by playing with different structures and shapes. The contrast between matte and gloss is enhanced by combining sleek shapes with fine ridges. The objects ask to be touched and held. This way you add something to your interior that is not only visually stimulating but also physically.

Saudade Collective is a brand new label, dedicated to creating gorgeously-designed, durable and responsibly-made products. They deeply care about the quality of our products and their aesthetics. The collective revolves around fair production by talented artisans. They team up with skilled designers and artisans from different countries and cultures, tapping into their wealth of expertise. I am very proud to be part of this!

Studio Ineke van der Werff

Studio Ineke van der Werff designs and produces fine porcelain since 2012. With an experimental approach, Ineke creates plates, bowls, cups and vases that are each uniquely glazed. The techniques she developed, make sure that no piece is the same.

Her porcelain collections are both functional and tactile and invite to be touched. All materials and colours are carefully selected to create modern but timeless designs. Perfect for a fair and sustainable lifestyle.