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Unearthing the next era of human history

Symbiocene Forest

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BioArt Laboratories - Tree Antenna
BioArt Laboratories

BioArt Laboratories can proudly call itself the National Development Institution for the Biological Arts. The current exhibition shows ongoing artistic research of talented makers into new materials and new systems for a world in transition towards the Symbiocene.

Hidden in a green realm in Strijp lies BioArt Laboratories - a repurposed historical military complex in a dense forest. The seedbed for many award winning innovations. It is a refreshing place where things are done differently. A place, unfinished, unpolished, provocative and alive.

At this off-grid location we are challenging the anthropocentric perspectives on economy, habitation and land by adopting key principles of the Symbiocene. The Symbiocene revolves around ecological and evolutionary thinking of the interconnectedness of life and all living things. Such symbioses are in stark contrast with current human influence and increasing dominance of climatic, biophysical and evolutionary processes.

At BioArt-Laboratories we are committed to the need for a new system, a new world, a new economy and a new language to provide this. In a difficult time where this system is being shaken to its foundations, we see the ingenuity of people emerging in the form of concepts and creations that advocate system change. Take a step out of everyday life and visit BioArt Village, where young talents show their ideas for this change!


BioArt Laboratories

BioArt Laboratories is a cultural development institution. The institution facilitates and develops talented innovative makers and in the coming years focuses on questioning and redefining the ecology of the human habitat. Central is the role of bio-art in the transition to the Symbiocene: the era after the Anthropocene, in which man is no longer the center, but lives in symbiosis with nature, culture and technology.