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(Archive) Urban Nomad / mobile desk

Isabel Quiroga approaches sustainability by designing emotionally durable products like her design of a mobile working station, the ‘Urban Nomad’.

This project was part of DDW 2020
'Urban Normad' mobile working station — © Studio Isabel Quiroga

The ‘Urban Nomad’ is a translation of modern-day living and working.
Nowadays an office can exist out of no more than a laptop and a cell phone. A flexible workplace and working at home has become part of our everyday existence. Since Covid19 even more, than ever before.

Isabel Quiroga is a designer that approaches sustainability by researching how we relate to objects. For her there is little point of designing physical durability into consumer goods if consumers lack the desire to keep them. The more we connect to an ob

The lamp can be placed on the left or right side. — © Studio Isabel Quiroga

Accessories to personalise the desk — © Studio Isabel Quiroga

The handlebars are covered with natural leather.