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Interieurvormgeving-Meubelontwerpen - Mechelen (B)


Jolijn Gyssels_unity
Bart Lenaerts /@brtlnrts
This project is part of Interieurvormgeving-Meubelontwerpen - Mechelen (B)

Human connections are incredibly important, there is no doubt that when we combine our efforts we can make the impossible come to life; and this is reflected in my design. The frame connects two independent tables together with optimal cohesion. This is a remount-able and circular design

A frame connected by two independent tables. Coherence, connectivity and support is created by the frame. The different parts reinforce each other and go through life together until they have a different meaning then the purpose they once gave each other. The totality can be disassembled into pieces sliding in and out of the frame. With gratitude for recyclables, modular character and high
quality materials, coming to life in a circular design.

Powdercoated steel

photographer: Bart Lenaerts
postproduction: Vink - Virtus
art direction: Jolijn Gyssels