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Questioning the amount of waste we create and edible materials.

Can we change? DIGITAL ONLY

Zero Waste Cutlery
This project is part of Materialized

Salty Studio is a food & experience design studio based in London, UK and founded by Maud de Rohan Willner. The aim of our project “Can we change?” is to raise awareness about our eating practices and the waste we create.

Most of the things we eat still come packaged. Whether you buy some vegetables at a supermarket, juice in a carton, a pack of crisps or a takeaway meal, there is always some kind of plastic in there or a material that isn’t yet recyclable and will end up in landfill for years.

Why do we use so much plastic and other unsustainable materials? We know now about the negative effects of plastic and these other materials on our bodies and our environment. How can we challenge these issues and obstacles in order to create a more sustainable environment?

Many designers & brands are looking into edible packaging & materials, which we find fascinating and exciting. There are so many possibilities and interesting ways to develop some more sustainable ideas.

Photo series:
This series of photographs questions the presence of plastic and single-use packaging in our society and daily life.

Workshop: Make your own edible cutlery & eat it
Tuesday 20th October
4pm CEST, 1 hour
Limited to 20 participants

Talk: The future of packaging and edible innovation
Thursday 22nd October
2pm CEST, 1 hour
Unlimited amount of participants

Book via the Isola Design District website.

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