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De MEDEWRKN: The Coworks

(Archive) Bloemfontein Straat Galerij

Sharing creative inspiration in the neighbourhood!

This project was part of DDW 2020
the Bloemfontein straat galerij — © Bron van Doen

The Bloemfontein straat galerij is where local entrepreneurs, makers and talents share ways to be active and creative. This will empower more people to make the best of any situation. Also does this safe stage provides the local makers with the recognition and new opportunities that they deserve.

The mission of De MEDEWRKN/The CO-works is to promote and support the development of creative talents and social entrepreneurship. Confronted with limitations due to the Coronavirus, we adapted to creative ways: An outdoor exhibition of creative projects

Overview of the Bloemfontein straat galerij — © Bron van Doen

Presenting Makers — © Bron van Doen