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Landscape Applied Design Research
Healthcare innovation through 3D printing in the ZGT, with as a case the development of a user-friendly custom-made pessary.

3D in the regional hospital ZGT

3D geprinte baarmoeder en pessaria
Saxion lectoraat Industrial Design
This project is part of Landscape Applied Design Research

Saxion - Research group Industrial Design

Livestream: 21 Oct 13:00-14:00

Together with medical specialists from Gycon and ZGT, the following two innovation questions are answered:

1. How can 3D printing be used in medical practice for more efficient care, cost reduction, increased self-reliance of - and less impact on - the patient?2. Is it possible to develop a pessary that can be easily handled by women themselves and fits without problems, with which a substantially lower doctor contact can be achieved?

In brainstorming sessions with medical specialists, promising and feasible applications are identified. Besides that research is being conducted into user-friendliness and bottlenecks, together with gynecologists and patients.The result is a Roadmap with the opportunities and possibilities of 3D printing in ZGT and a proof of concept of a user-friendly custom-made pessary.