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The newest chapter of the GEO—DESIGN exhibition platform, a collaboration between Design Academy Eindhoven and Van Abbemuseum.

GEO—DESIGN: Sand. The Building Block of Modernity

As the third chapter to emerge from the annual GEO—DESIGN exhibition platform presented by Design Academy Eindhoven and Van Abbemuseum, GEO—DESIGN: Sand. The Building Block of Modernity features nine original research-based projects
and one ongoing research from alumni of Design Academy Eindhoven.

Whether we recognise it or not, sand is nothing less than the essential building block of modern civilisation. Sand is all around us: in the buildings we inhabit, in the glasses we wear and the silicone chips in our computers and smartphones. After water, sand is the second-most used resource on planet Earth. GEO—DESIGN: Sand. portrays some of the possible applications, materialities, geographies and economies of this global resource, which — far from being unlimited — is running out.

GEO—DESIGN: Sand features works by Rawad Baaklini, Soline Bredin, Elissa Brunato, Matteo Dal Lago, Christoph Dichmann, Lucas Dubois, Romain Laval, Tiiu Meiner, Leo Orta, Bich Tran Quang, Anna Diljá Sigurðardóttir, Baiba Soma, Wu Yanjin and Atelier NL.

The exhibition is curated by Martina Muzi and edited by Jeannette Petrik, with a graphic identity developed and produced by Soline Bredin and Lucas Dubois.

The exhibition can be visited from 17 October until 25 November at Van Abbemuseum, Bilderdijklaan 10, Eindhoven. Book tickets online: To ensure a safe, enjoyable visit please adhere to the current guidelines.

Design Academy Eindhoven

The GEO—DESIGN exhibition platform explores the social, economic, territorial and geopolitical forces shaping design today. It generates original research into complex contemporary systems in the form of design explorations and investigations. It has transformed the annual exhibition of the Academy’s alumni work – produced in collaboration with Van Abbemuseum – to create an ongoing exhibition series that provides an urgently needed space for showcasing experimental approaches to design research.