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Tomorrow is shaped by the students of today

Kazerne Design Award 2020

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Tea drop by Shaakira Jassat.
Ruud Balk

Tomorrow is shaped by the students of today. Tea drop, a project about sustainable water usage received the first Kazerne Design Award. African-born Shaakira Jassat was one of the 10 nominees all of whom recently graduated at DAE and are now on show at Kazerne.

Tea drop, a project about sustainable water usage was rewarded with the first Kazerne Design Award on September 3rd. African-born Shaakira Jassat received 5.000 euro for a project that contributes in a layered way to the awareness of Western water waste.

Jassat was one of the 10 nominees, whose work can be seen in Kazerne during DDW20: Yarden Colsey, Pauline Esparon, Shaakira Jassat, Fides Lapidaire, Romain Laval, Clara le Meur, Leo Orta, Mies Consultant, Frederico Rosa and Lucas Zito. Rewatch the award show via the Kazerne YouTube channel.

The award is a new annual incentive prize for designers who recently graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. The jury, Kiki van Eijk (Kiki and Joost), Lonneke Gordijn (Studio Drift) and Annemoon Geurts (Kazerne), unanimously chose the work of Jassat. "A layered project, visionary, poetic and mindfull.” said Lammie Nijsingh, chairman of the Loyola Foundation, who made the cash prize available.

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