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anthopology of Anthon Beeke


A collection of books tells different stories about its collector, through the layers of information that cross-pollinate each other. How does the book lunatic look at the world and which social and cultural events are reflected in the books' choices. How does the creative collector's oeuvre relate to the collection? Where did knowledge and inspiration come from?

Lost bookcases. More and more information can be found on the internet, which is why more and more people are disposing of their book collections rigorously. This also applies to well-known creative Dutch people. How can we preserve and share these personal book collections? Can we preserve this piece of culture?

Lidewij Edelkoort, Anthon Beeke's life partner, is now changing this. She wants his collection and his love of books to be shared with the whole country. His books tell the story of him as a long-standing collector of books that inspired, relaxed or transported him. They are books about graphic design, culture, photography, typography, jazz, eroticism and just as much fun books. Playful, naughty and challenging.

This inspiring bookcase is the starting point for a multi-year programme, developed by Lidewij Edelkoort and Charlotte Grün, in which a well-known person's bookcase travels past various libraries, museums or cultural institutions in the Netherlands. For libraries, this is a good time to organise activities with the collection as raw material and inspiration, in addition to activities in the field of participation and inclusion. In the years to come, libraries will experiment with issues relating to the collection and opening up of special private collections.

Opposite the van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven is the van Abbehuis. Here the book collection of Anthon Beeke will be shown to the public. Visitors can wander through the specially designed cupboards and immerse themselves in themed rooms. The red erotic covers, the books in cardboard boxes, the green illustrations of house and garden, and the white dummies still waiting for a is enough to study for a part of the day. The book collection stays here until the end of the year and then travels to public libraries. There the collection will be the starting point for an inspiring programme.

All rules and measures relating to the Covid pandemic will be strictly adhered to. The inspiring spacious house makes it possible to isolate, a wonderful place to give the lock-down meaning.

Albert Van Abbehuis

Albert van Abbehuis is an artspace and cultural platform managed by MAD emergent art center. We work in collaboration with enthusiastic professionals to create new and exciting initiatives. Albert van Abbehuis aims to connect society to the worlds of art, science, design and technology. The exhibition space functions as a multi-platform for contemporary art exhibitions, hackathons, meet-ups, interactive workshops, performances and cutting edge lectures.