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a tribute to design

Agri meets Design

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For a few years Agri meets Design has been matching up farmers and designers to create breakthroughs to advance the food system. This is our tribute to design and designers!
We guide you through the practices of Agri meets Design and show you the impact of design.

In this tribute to design we want to show you what design contributes to the search for a sustainable food system.
We will explore the attraction that food has on designers. We will discover the power of design: for individual farms, sector-wide and in shaping new paradigms. And we will explore the phases of a transition and the roles design (and a designer) can fulfill in these phases.
There will be plenty of examples of impactfull collaborations and their processes.
Come and experience our love for designers and get ready to get excited about the symbiosis of food challenges and design!


Agri meets Design

Agri Meets Design is a project by FoodUp Brabant (part of the province of North Brabant) and the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.