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Embassy of Water

(Archive) Listening to the voice of water

Listening to the voice of water remembers us to use water more consciously. With podcasts and ‘drops of inspiration’ you can learn to listen to water.

This project was part of DDW 2020
Water is like an alchemist, giving life on earth — © Danique van Kesteren | OAK & FIR

Do we ever really look at water? In the societal challenge to interact with water more consciously, deep designer Anne van Strien is researching how we can change our view of water. That starts with listening. She lets the voice of water be heard in a series of podcasts and ‘drops of inspiration’.

We enrich water with our nutrients or we pollute it. We use the water and "throw it away". But is the dirty water really gone? According to Van Strien, it is important that we recognize that we are part of the water cycle and that we look at wat

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Touching water creates growing watercircles — © Danique van Kesteren | OAK & FIR

Water is a teacher to me I like to listen to — © Danique van Kesteren | OAK & FIR

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Embassy of Water

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