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Dutch Design Awards 2020
Creating a healthy, sustainable and delicious future of food through speculative gastronomy

Portfolio Katinka Versendaal - The Eatelier

3D viewing room
Remedy Bar
Ruud Scheerens
This project is part of Dutch Design Awards 2020

What will we snack on in 2030? Could we hack our own digestive system? Can we eat ourselves to happiness? What could be new, sustainable sources of green protein? And could these be personalized to my health goals and flavor preferences? Can something nutritious be equally delicious?

Katinka Versendaal researches, with her food design studio The Eatelier, our food system and designs future scenarios for the safety, accessibility and affordability of food. In her own words: speculative gastronomy. So expect experimental food concepts, such as a cocktail tailored to personal health goals or a research project such as Evolution of the Omnivore, which focuses on the domains of climate, technology and pharmacy/medical. With her work Versendaal wants to bridge the gap between the gastronomic field, academia and food producers. Each of her experiments is a vision of what human food habits may look like in the future. In this way, Katinka Versendaal wants to contribute to a sustainable, healthy and, above all, tasty future.