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Interieurvormgeving-Meubelontwerpen - Mechelen (B)


Pictures made by myself
This project is part of Interieurvormgeving-Meubelontwerpen - Mechelen (B)

"Make a table based on your idol or anti-idol, they said"

The design off this table is based on the unique, almost obsessive, straightforwardness and drive of Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old Swedish environmental activist.
The characteristics of the concrete table top symbolize her strong drive. The rawness of the reinforced bars therefore fits perfectly within the whole and makes it complete.
The 3rd leg creates an asymmetry and therefore gives a unique character to the table, a kind of ‘outsider’ as Greta is.
The print of the leaves in the concrete table top is a wink to the concerns that Greta has for this planet.