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Interieurvormgeving-Meubelontwerpen - Mechelen (B)


re.ness vanessa schorreels
an van daele
This project is part of Interieurvormgeving-Meubelontwerpen - Mechelen (B)

While this table project was developed in 2019 well before the Covid 19 pandemic, “the social distancing” theme it refers to is more than ever actual.

The designer was inspired by the social distance which still continues to exist between different social classes, cultures and races within today’s society. Again, a theme which is very actual, not the least within the framework of the “black lives matter” movement.

Regardless the efforts being made, the distance between different social classes, cultures or races has not disappeared.
In the project, the ballast between people from different backgrounds has on purpose been given form in a rare “calacatta” white marble with drawing, in contrast to the plain black steel of the table.

Note also that the table does not offer the same comfort at both sides, one side providing for a smaller surface than the other. This refers again to the social balance of today’s world, which the designer finds “out of balance”.