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(Archive) World Design Weeks x LA Design Festival

Experience the LA Design Festival

This project was part of DDW 2020
Unearthing a Black Aesthetic — © Offtop Design

We live in a rapidly changing world where social, technological, environmental, political and economic shifts are changing the way our future will look. At the same time, design has evolved and expanded to affect every aspect of our lives. And so we ask: How will design continue to evolve?

The LA Design Festival experience includes: "Unearthing a Black Aesthetic" with Demar Matthews, a tour of Gardenhouse by MAD Architects, a talk with Design Futurist Mike Milley, a virtual tour of urban microfarm Little City Farm with reformed ar

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Design for the Future x ROW DTLA — © Tara Wujcik

Gardenhouse by MAD Architects — © MAD Architects

Design Futurist x Mike Milley — © Minds Like Media

Little City Farm